Here at Buzz Fitness its all about diversity.

We belive that fitness is for everyone, its just finding what you enjoy and we can help you do that!


We offer something for everyone, all classes can be tailored to the individual persons needs, with a range of Low Impact Options for the total fitness novice, and the High Impact options that are sure to put even the most seasoned Gym Bunny Through their paces!


No matter what style of fitness you love, from Dancing to Boxing, Bouncing to Chilling Out, weve got you covered.



Our Signature Fitness Program.

If you want to feel that Buzz, Bokwa is for you!

What Is Bokwa?

Bokwa is for everyone, all ages, sizes and abilities!

It is the Highest Calorie Burning Dance Fitness Class!

Burn Up To A Staggering 1200 Calories per class!

South African Zulu Warrior vibes, with easy to learn steps based around letters and numbers on the floor.

If you can move and you can spell, you can do Bokwa, its that easy!

Great atmosphere, kicking sound system, twinned with the most up to date professionally mixed music make for a workout thats hard to beat!

Forward facing low, medium and high impact options, safe on the knees, hips and joints, great for anyone looking to get fit or loose weight fast and in a safe and supportive class!

Kizzy is one of the only instructors in the whole of the UK and the World, that can offer every single Bokwa level and speciality, she has travelled all over the country being trained, by not only the top international Bokwa presenters, but also the Creator of Bokwa himself Mr Paul Mavi multiple times.

If you want to have the true Bokwa experience then look no further, and accept no imitations.

We offer all Bokwa Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, Plus all Bokwa Speciality Programs.


Bokwa Tone & Core

(Arms and Abs Toning Based Bokwa utilizing light Wrist Weights)


Bokwa Step & Up

(The most addictive Step Aerobics program ever created!)


Bokwa Punch & Strike

(Martial Arts based Bokwa, self defence and confidence building)


Not sure which Bokwa is for you? Come along and give them all a try!

You have nothing to loose but calories!


Clubbercise & Glow Beatz

Are you too shy to attend the gym? Find it hard to get the confidence up to go to a group exercise class? Love All Gneres And Club Anthems?

Clubbercise and Glow Beatz are easy to follow, dance fitness based classes performed totally in the dark with disco lights & glow sticks so no one can see you getting your boogie on!

Club classics from all eras of dance music, great for letting go, having fun, burning fat and toning those wobbly bits up!


Pump, Beatbox, Kettles, LBT & Step


In Addition to our other classes we also offer....

RIP Pump (Barbell Weightlifing Class)

BOXERCISE (Pad and Self defence based HIIT circuit class)

Kettlebells (Kettlebell resistance body sculpting Class)

LBT (Easy fat burning aerobics followed by Legs, Bums, and Tummy Toning.

Step (Traditional Step Aerobics Class, plus all over body toning)